Executive Compensation

Due to the currently prevailing “employee market”, many companies are under pressure to find creative ways to attract and retain talent without “breaking the bank”. The first reflection of this market situation is that base salaries are rising at a stronger rate. JR BECHTLE & Co.’s proprietary database shows that base salaries for those in a President/CEO role have in fact been rising dramatically during the last 1-2 years. Based on analysis throughout North America, we have found that 48% of those in top management roles have been earning a base salary of over $200,000 in 2017/2018, as opposed to just 31% in the 2015/2016 time-frame. Total compensation shows a similar trend with Presidents/CEOs earning over $275,000 a total of 47% in 2017/2018 vs. in 2015/2016 with a figure of 33%.

One tactic that is becoming more common within organizations is expanding the benefits offered, such as Employee Wellness Programs, Student Loan Programs, additional retirement benefits, an increase in paid-time-off and vacation days, deferred compensation programs, as well as the flexibility to work-from-home a certain number of days per week. Click here to read the full article.